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Ingstad & Co - independent freight broker and expert in international transport

Ingstad & Co is an independent freight broker. We work with all types of international transportation, including special transport. Through personalized service and the setup that each shipment is unique, we can offer our customers the best and most cost effective solution for each shipment.

All types of transport

We work with all types of international transport, whether it's about to ship by air, sea, road or rail. Special transport is also one of our peculiarity - we love challenges! For example, we have transported by air 41 ton propeller shaft  to Dubai and quickly whacked ship freight of a cutting table that was too wide to get police permission to be transported by road in Denmark.

Independent freight broker

We are an independent freight broker. We do not own unit  transport ourselves but are free to choose the best solution for the client in every case.

Low your total costs

It is our job to give the customer the best solution at the best overall cost. We look not only to the actual shipping cost, but we take into account other factors such as cost of inventory and the customer's personnel, where it is available. Companies can also choose to outsource all or part of the client's own staff. This gives the customer more time to their core business, while the company has access to our expertise and greater security. Read more about outsourcing to Ingstad & Co.

Overall responsibility and personal service

We take responsibility for the transportation from door to door. Wen are therefore responsible for each part of the transport and ensure that the goods arrive at the right place at the right time. We will inform the customer about the estimated arrival time, of course also if this will change. We are prous of our personal service - with us will be the customer never reduced to just a number. We know our customers and make sure they get to talk to the right person immediately.

Counseling and customs matters

We help our customers with all kinds of issues relating to international trade, from trade and shipping terms to insurance, VAT, Intrastat and Customs. We are AEOF certified by Customs. This makes customs clearance for our customers easier, safer, and faster. Learn more about our certifications.

Worldwide availability

With our own offices in Sweden, Lithuania and China as well as agents in all major cities of the world, we provide the best service all the way from door to door.

Certifications and memberships

We are certified AEOF, IATA and ISO 14001/2004. For our customers it means simpler customs procedures and safer transport of high quality. Learn more about our certifications.

Ingstad & Co is a member of the Swedish Association of International Freight Association and the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Contact us on 040-74580 or email we will tell you how your company can reduce costs and increase security by engaging Ingstad & Co.