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Business concept

Ingstad & Co must , in a cost effective manner , overcoming barriers and simplify customers' external material
and product flows with personalized service and expertise where objectivity is paramount .

Cost efficiency means that Ingstad & Co's services will be profitable for both the customer and for us
as suppliers - a as so called  win -win situation. The company's international network is a strength and
guarantees  secure solutions with quality.

Bridging the barriers and simplify means we facilitate international trade for our customers.
In Ingstad & Co are no problems - only challenges.

External material and product flows include everything from production equipment to end-users and refers to both imports and exports of raw materials and products .

Personal service and expertise is all about personal attention , combined with extensive knowledge and experience in international transportation and logistics. We have no telephone switch-board, but all employees are prepared to quickly assist our customers in the best way .

Objectivity in the main room means that Ingstad & Co works unconditionally in the choice of transport modes and operators based on what is best for the customer and the consignment .