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Ingstad & Co is certified to ISO 14001/2004 and working with the environment throughout its operations.

We are constantly improving our procedures to develop the business and minimize environmental impact.

The following points are important parts of the company's environmental policy:

  • Efficient use of resources both for environmental reasons and to provide cost effective services.
  • Environmental requirements in the procurement of goods, services and transportation so that they become effective from both an environmental and resource standpoint
  • Personal commitment, interest and knowledge in the field of environment and willingness to continuously develop the organization's knowledge of environmental issues
  • Clearly defined responsibilities within the company with responsibility for the environment for all employees in their daily work and to instructions and procedures are followed. Any discrepancies that may present a risk to the environment must be reported to management.
  • To conduct an aggressive and long-term environmental requires a good profitability. This creates resources for development and investment.