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Our History

The company that came to be Ingstad & Co was founded in 1873 and is now run by the Ingstad's third generation, Ingmar Ingstad. Already in 1873, the business concept and logistics company horses were an important feature of transport in Malmo, where they daily had distributing goods. The horses were so used to their routes from the port to the different Malmo companies that they knew where to go through the city.

Relocation because of the horses

In 1923, when the then owner passed away, the company was bought by employee Thure Palsson. The company was then engaged on Stadiongatan 102. In 1932 the company moved to Västergatan 20 in the Gamla Väster (Old west part of town), and in 1942 it was time again. This time, the business was moved to its current premises on Hyregatan 9 because here was stable for its horses.

Under the energetic leadership ofThure Pålssons, strong and stable confidence in the company was founded. And when motoring revolutionized all type of freight Thure Palsson thought to replace the horses with trucks in 1956 . That same year he also started shipping traffic to the Nordic countries, the UK and the U.S. and its own customs terminal opened

Trucks and customs terminal disappears

In 1980 Thure Palsson passed away and his grandson Ingmar Ingstad took over the company. At this time the trucks were sold  and Ingstad & Co specialized as a freight broker. A few years later also the customs terminal wad dismissed  and the company decided to focus instead on being able to offer cost-effective storage of optimally placed locations around Europe. This change was very consistent with the company's mission - to provide personalized service, treating each shipment as a unique and cost-efficient solutions.

Subsidiaries in east

In 1995 Ingmar Ingstad was named toHonorary Consul for Lithuania. He found the country's development so interesting that in 2001 he founden  Ingstad & Co UAB in Vilnius.The company has grown strongly and now hassix employees. 

In 2007 opened Ingstad & Co office in China.The office is located in the expansive city of Shenzhen were works a logistics specialistemployee. 

In 2013 started its Lithuanian subsidiary regularroad transport to Russia, and the company now has two Russia Specialists employees.