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Customer cases

We at Ingstad & Co has completed thousands of assignments over the years. On this page we describe some of the tasks to provide a picture of what we can help you with.

Special Transport - 41 tons propeller-shaft by air freight

An insurance company called us and asked for a sea shipment from Sweden of a 41 tons propeller shaft for a ship located in Dubai. Since it was about an insurance claim, we assumed that the ocean freight would mean that the insurance company would have to pay out high downtime costs for the waiting ship. When the insurance company confirmed this, we proposed air cargo.

At first the insurance company thought  that it would be impossible and very expensive to send 41 tons by air freight, but at the time they did not know what Ingstad & Co can arrange. We looked up a giant aircraft of type Antonov 124, loaded propeller shaft and flew directly to Dubai. All this was done at a competitive price and great satisfaction for all parties. Learn more about our special transport.

Special Transport - To broad road transport went by sea

A Malmö Company had booked transport for cutting table to Odense shipyard with a trucking company that specializes in bulky shipments. Unfortunately, the haulier not authorized by the police in Denmark to run the large cutting table on Danish roads and they turned to Ingstad & Co. We solved the transportation by hiring a ferry that transported the cars with the bulky goods directly to the shipyard in Odense.

A cooker with 6 meter diameter from Between Germany to Sweden was not a problem for us.

Special freight - Live Animals

Many people ask us to transport animals. Among tour customers there are both individuals who need to transport their dog very occasionally and companies that regularly air-ship their racehorses between Sweden and the U.S..

This type of shipments requires knowledge of both conditions for the transport of live animals as veterinary regulations. That knowledge has Ingstad & Co.

We have recently also transported mini horses from Mexico, imported Alpacas from New Zealand here to Sweden and transported cows to Russia. Read more about our animal transport.

Customs issues - stop in Russia was resolved quickly

A large company in Lund contacted us with an urgent problem. Part of the company's production in St. Petersburg stood still and the part sent by courier to get production had been stopped by the Russian customs. Reserve component had been in customs for 14 days when we received the assignment. We solved this issue with Russian custom in one day and production started again.

Another company had received high customs fines (penalty). We did an investigation and interrogate the Customs Service. The result: No fines at all for our customer. Learn more about our customs services.

E-Commerce - fiddly prices became easier

We were contacted by a Stockholm Company planning to import goods from three suppliers in Asia to retail customers throughout Sweden. Freight forwarders and shipping companies gave to the company many costs as were very difficult to understand.

We gave the company a price per cubic meter, zip code sorted for his customers throughout all Sweden.

Logistics Investigation - effective support to the Americans and Danes

An American company would start up sales in Europe of products from multiple suppliers in Asia. We provided a logistics system with consolidation of shipments through Hong Kong to a central warehouse in Malmö. From Malmö goods could then be distributed throughout Europe. Cost effective and timely.

A Danish company needed help with his big car imports to Scandinavia. We created a set-up with direct transit warehouse in Malmö, customs clearance in Sweden and direct shipping to customers in Scandinavia.

Outsourcing - printing supplier trust Ingstad & Co.

Several companies are using our outsourcing services, including a supplier of parts for printing equipment worldwide. This applies not only fast delivery but also that the products arrive intact and directly responsible fitter among the beneficiaries. Learn more about our outsourcing services.