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Great expertise in customs matters

Right tariff treatment may reduce costs. It is important to have the knowledge to do the customs clearance process in a proper manner but also to deal with any difficulties that might arise. This may involve, for example, how to appeal tariff supplement so that they are reduced or dismissed entirely.

Ingstad & Co is connected to Customs' TDS (Tulldata system) and have recruited skilled staff directly from Customs. That means fast and accurate customs declarations for our customers.

We are also AEOF certified by the Customs Service which causes relaxation of the cross-border operations for our customers. Call us for the benefits it brings to your business.

AEOF stands for Authorised Economic Operator and to be certified, companies must have documented and safe practices throughout the business. Learn about the benefits of AEOF. Learn more about our certifications.

Among our employees are customs experts who are happy to answer all your questions concerning the treatment.

Contact Elisa Ternström, tel. 040-745 81,E-mail for more information on how we can help you with customs.