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Specialty freight

Are you going to ship something that is extra long or extra heavy? Would you like to ship animals? Or do you need an urgent delivvery? We are experts in international and national special transport with extensive experience and an extensive network. We can ship by air, truck, sea and rail.

We have air freighted 41 tons propeller shaft to Dubai because it was more cost effective than by ship. We ordered up a ship when a freight transport through Denmark was too wide for the road. Here are more examples of our special transport.

Transport of animals

We work regularly with international transport of animals. Some examples include horse carriage by air from the United States and Iceland, cows to Russia and transportation of pets like dogs and cats. Our extensive experience in animal transport means that we know how different animals should be managed in order to feel good and be able to rest during transport. We have good relations with many veterinarians and knowledge of the various documents required.

Special licenses for special transport

Special transport often requires special permits and certificates as well as detailed knowledge of laws and regulations. We at Ingstad & Co has the knowledge and takes full responsibility for the shipment. This means that our customers receive safe, convenient and cost-effective shipping solutions and avoid hassles with documents.

Do you want to know more about the special transport and transport of animals?  Contact Calle Malmgren, tel. +46 (0) 40-74584, email